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Arts Rotation Schedule

We have begun the first Arts Rotation, Dance Instruction with Janeece Flint.  Ms. Flint is here on Mondays and is providing exciting Dance instruction to ten different classrooms!

Arts Education Program



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Our Visiting Arts Education Teachers

Maureen Longacker -Theater Arts

Kerry Buchman - Visual Arts

Janeece Flint - Dance

Sandra Fukumoto - Dance

Arts Education Branch

Please visit this site.  Lots of information and helpful links!,1151414&_dad=ptl&_schema=PTL_EP

Arts for LA

Be Informed!!  Get involved!!

Check out this site!

Arts Prototype Coordinator

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Mrs. Newman

WooHoo! Next Gen at LA County Museum is FREE for students!

WOW...check this out!!

Arts for NexGen LACMA is the nation’s only free youth membership program! NexGen offers free general admission to anyone 17 and under as well as one accompanying adult. This includes permanent collection galleries and selected special exhibitions.

CLICK now on this link...