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Box Tops 4 Education

Donor's Choose Look for projects by our teachers and show your suport.

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Sonic Restaurants

Sonic Restaurants have joined with Donor's Choose to help Los Angeles Classrooms obtain the instructional materials they most need.

Visit their page to learn more.

Box Tops For Education
Box Tops For Education

Send in your box tops to Evergreen's Main Office! 

You can also register on the box top website. When you shop online with one of the many marketplaces that are on the Box Top website, our school will receive a percentage of your purchase.

List of Participating Products


Mande su 'box tops' a la officina de la escuela Evergreen!

Tambien se puede registrar en la pagina de internet.  Cuando usted haga compras en el mercado de internet en alguna de las tiendas que aparecen en la pagina de Box Tops, nuestra escuela recibira un porcentaje de sus compras.

Lista de Productos Participantes

Take Charge of Education
Target Take Care of Education
Campbell's Labels for Education
Campbell's Labels for Education


Send in your Campbell Soup labels to Evergreen's Main Office.  It's not only soup.

List  of Eligible Products pdf

Click here to take a look at the other label, tops, and other items that can be turned in for points!

Envie las etiquetas de productos Campbell's a la officina de la escuela.

Lista de productos participantes pdf

No solamente es sopa, haga click aqui para ver otros productos que califican!


Jan-Feb 2012 Collection Update

Jan-Feb 2012 Boxtops Results
Grade Class Qualifying Raffle ticket (1 per 50) Tickets Raffle Winners
  Arroyo 385 7  
  Camarillo 818 16 Won Raffle and Trophy for Most
PK-K Sarabia 115 2  
  Perez 358 7  
  Palacios 77 1  
  Arambula 63 1  
  Weigand 210 4  
  Power 63 1  
  Orozco 55 1  
1st Newman 67 1  
  Esqueda 209 4 Won Raffle
  Rodarte 61 1  
2nd Merz 200 2 Won Raffle
  Rubio 61 1  
  Lacayo 524 10 Won Raffle
3rd Moreno 56 1  
  Diep 173 3 Won Raffle
4th Gonzalez 127 2  
  Godinez 107 2  
5th Vargas 271 5 Won Raffle
  Monk 109 2  
6th Luong 285 5 Won Raffle
  Meza 160 3  

Nov-Dec 2011 Collection Updates

Nov-Dec 2011 Boxtops Results
Grade Class Qualifying Raffle ticket (1 per 50) Tickets Raffle Winners
PK-K Perez 100 2  
  Arroyo 134 2 Won Raffle and Trophy for Most
  Power 65 1  
  Armas 63 1 Won Raffle
1st Newman 93 2  
  Vera 100 2  
  Acosta 78 1  
2nd Rodriguez, L 66 1  
  Merz 106 2 Won Raffle
  Rubio 54 1  
  Ramirez 108 2  
3rd Moreno 108 2  
  Gutierrez 100 2 Won Raffle
  Beltran 77 1  
  Solorzano 70 1 Won Raffle
4th Gonzalez 80 1  
  Stierman 100 2  
  Diep 117 2 Won Raffle

January 2011 Update

Thank you all for helping our school fund raise money through your continued efforts in clipping Boxtop coupons and Campbell's label for education.  Last December of 2010 our school received our first check for $470, our yearly goal was to raise $500 we were very happy to get so close to meeting our anual goal.  Perhaps this current year we can surpass that goal.  Special thanks go out to our parent center volunteers led by Terry Venegas whom have done a wonderful job of collecting and preparing the labels for submission.  Thanks!


Summer 2010 Update!

Thanks to parents, teachers, students, parent center volunteers and everyone else who participated in our Boxtops and Campbell's Labels for education.  This past school year we submitted the following totals:

Boxtops = 2,872 labels

Campbell's = 692 labels

Congratulations Evergreen Students!