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Help Evergreen!

You can help Evergreen Elementary Raise Funds for Students by bringing UPC labels from Box Tops for Education and Campbell's Labels for Education.

You can send them with your son or daughter to give to their teacher or you can drop them off at the collection boxes in the Main office and in the Coordinators office.

Box Tops For Education


 Campbell's Labels for Education


 Or sign up your Red Card or Target Credit card to credit Evergreen Elementary every time you shop at Target!


Click on Support to learn more.

Students of the Month January 2011

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Thanks Giving Break Nov. 22-30

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Dec. 1 - SDM Meeting at 2:40


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10 Feet From Space!

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Thank you all for your continued support of Evergreen Elementary! Thanks to everyone's efforts last year our school was able to raise $1,109.50, hurray!

Have We Reached Our Boxtop Goal of $1,250?

Gracias a todos por apoyar a nuestra escuela Evergreen! Gracias al esfuerzo de todos el siclo pasado logramos recaudar $1109.50, hurray!

boxtops.jpg LFE-Logo.gif
Help Support
our school! Bring in
your Boxtops
and Campbell's Labels
every week!
Give them to your teacher.
Don't forget to ask family and close friends
to save their Boxtops for you!

We thank you for every single BoxTops coupon and Campbell's label that you have so generously cut and donated to our school.  We hope that you continue to ask your relatives to save the coupons for you so you can donated them to our school, that is if they don't have a school that they already contribute to.

Les damos las gracias por cada cupon de BoxTops y de Campbell's que ustedes tan generosamente donan a nuestra escela. Esperamos seguir contando con su apoyo y porfavor no olviden de recordarles a sus familiares que recorten y les regalen sus cupones para nuestra escuela, en el caso de que ellos no tengan una escuela a la cual donarselos.

Featured Group


Evergreen writers get  a chance to submit their best writing to a panel of Staff members for a chance to have their work published at our Evergreen Writers Blog.  Visit the blog and find out if your child's work was featured this month!

Los escritores de la escula Evergreen tienen la oportunidad de someter sus trabajos de escritura a un panel de maestros mensualmente con la esperanza de que su trabajo sea seleccionado y publicado en nuestro blog " Evergreen Writers".

Visite la pagina web del Blog para ver si el trabajo de tu hijo/a fue publicado este mes!

100th Day of School

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Boxtops Update

March 2014 Update

Everyone at Evergreen deserves a big thanks.  We have just submitted our boxtops for the March submission deadline and we have grown.  In October 2013 we submitted $220 worth and in March 2014 we submitted $440.

That is awesome work by parents, students, and staff.  We will continue to use funds towards the Student Body here at Evergreen.  Keep up the hard work and don't forget to continue spreading the word to friends and coworkers, they may not have a school to which they send their boxtops to.  We are always looking to get more boxtops turned in to our beloved Evergreen Elementary.

September 2011 Update

As of this date you have all worked very hard to bring in your boxtops to Evergreen as a result we have fundraised a cumulative total of $962!  Hurray!  With this money the school purchased recognition awards for all grade levels and various school supplies for the children to use in their classrooms.

January 2011 Update

Thank you all for helping our school fund raise money through your continued efforts in clipping Boxtop coupons and Campbell's label for education.  Last December of 2010 our school received our first check for $470, our yearly goal was to raise $500 we were very happy to get so close to meeting our anual goal.  Perhaps this current year we can surpass that goal.  Special thanks go out to our parent center volunteers led by Terry Venegas whom have done a wonderful job of collecting and preparing the labels for submission.  Thanks!


Summer 2010 Update

Thanks to parents, teachers, students, parent center volunteers and everyone else who participated in our Boxtops and Campbell's Labels for education.  This past school year we submitted the following totals:

Boxtops = 2,872 labels

Campbell's = 692 labels

Congratulations Evergreen Students!


     On Friday, April 16, 2010, during our Student of the Month Assembly parents, students and teachers were introduced to our Boxtops and Campbel's Labels for education CUT IT OUT! Classroom Collection Contest.  Everyone is encouraged to look in their pantries (dispensas) at  home and Cut Out the labels from the products you already buy.  Send them in with your child and have them place the labels  into their classroom collection envelope. Every two weeks on Friday we will recognize the classroom with the most labels.  Good Luck and don't forget to CUT IT OUT!  and send it in.  Be sure to ask your friends and relatives for their Boxtops and Campbel's Labels.

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Upcoming Events/ Eventos Proximos

Es el Momento - Estudia para la Universidad

* May 9 - Student of the Month Assembly 

* May 19 - 4th Grade Mission Projects Due

* June 5 - Last day of Instruction

CUT IT OUT! CONTEST - Parents please continue to collect Boxtops and Campbell's Labels for education throughout the year.  Thank you so much for your support of our school!

Countdown to Winter Recess!


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Today: 11/24/14

Want to be a Substitute Teacher for Evergreen?

Important Evergreen Documents

In this section parents and students can find documents that where sent home.

Click on the following links to download a copy:


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Bell Schedule

8:00 - Freeze Bell

8:06 - Tardy Bell


9:40 - K-1st Recess

10:00 - 2nd-3rd Recess

10:20 - 4th-5th Recess

10:40 - 6th Recess


11:25 - K-1st Lunch

11:50 - 2nd-3rd Lunch

12:20 - 4th-5th Lunch

12:50 - 6th Lunch

Banked Tuesdays

* Grades 6th  12:40 - Lunch


2:29 - Dismissal


* Banked Tuesdays Hours

K-6th 8:06-1:29 p.m.

Coffee With The Principal

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